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Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc.

Residential construction operator Hovnanian Enterprises' bottom-rung FRISK® score displays the company's heightened financial risk in advance of its distressed debt exchange.

Year In Review: Bankruptcy Case Studies

Some big names filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and they all had a few key common indicators. Read our analysis and findings here.

Increasing Risk in the Australian Economy

Australia’s previously stable economy is exhibiting an increase in risk due to a number of factors like a retail sales decline and slowing in its overheated housing market.

Noble Group Limited

Commodities trader Noble Group Limited is in talks with creditors to restructure its debt. Their FRISK® score is in the high-risk "red zone," warning risk professionals of Noble Group's poor financial condition.

Telecom Troubles

Frontier and Windstream have reported poor customer retention and experienced pricing weakness over the last few years, resulting in earnings decline. The most telling sign is the concern exhibited through our proprietary subscriber crowdsourcing data.

Blue Apron

Popular prepared meal kit company Blue Apron faces a mighty challenge in 2018 to remain solvent as new competitors in Amazon and Wal-Mart enter their space.

Concentrated Risk in the Printing and Publishing Industry

The printing and publishing industries have been challenged by secular headwinds, which includes companies as diverse as newspapers all the way to specialty paper makers like Cenveo, Inc. 

FRISK® score elements

Optimal assessment of public company bankruptcy risk requires the balanced, holistic analysis provided by the FRISK® score.

Learn how adding crowdsourced data to the Frisk® score model helps you to do a better job of predicting business bankruptcy.

The FRISK® score is a game-changing tool that combines several key inputs to assess bankruptcy risk. Here’s how credit manager crowdsourcing play a role.

Genesis Healthcare

In 2016, there were more than 50 million people 65-or-older living in the United States. Although the post-acute healthcare industry is still growing along with its prime customer base, this fiercely competitive service industry remains a highly fragmented market. Recent industry trends have operators promoting a mixed use of facilities, such as child day care, in order to diversify revenue streams against regulatory headwinds.

Bond Agency Ratings

The FRISK® score is a game-changing tool that combines several key inputs to assess bankruptcy risk. Here’s how bond agency ratings play a role.

Preparing Today for the Next Contraction in Credit

Public companies are issuing more and more debt, taking advantage of low interest rates to fund stock buybacks and to pay dividends. History has proven that these leveraged-up companies will be at great risk once this cycle ends - don't let your guard down.