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Massive Credit Risk in 2017, as Retail Tries to Regain Equilibrium

Retailer bankruptcies and store closings have spiked in 2017. Find out how to get ahead of credit risk in this troubled sector.

How to Beat Public Company Bankruptcy Risk With a Solid One-Two Punch

Public companies may be a bigger part of your credit risk exposure than you think. Learn how a strong ‘one-two punch’ helps to keep this often-overlooked risk in check.

Bankruptcy Red Flags for Troubled Media Company Spanish Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

Deep problems, more bad news: Learn why Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. is much riskier than its media company peers, in our latest High Risk Report.

Credit Risk: How hhgregg’s trade creditors could have avoided a $54 million surprise

Another retailer files for bankruptcy, and their 20 largest unsecured trade creditors may be on the hook for up to $54 million. Could they have seen it coming?

Crowdsourced Credit Risk Score: The Credit Manager’s Secret Weapon

Learn how activity signals from your fellow credit managers ups the FRISK® score’s accuracy of predicting business failure — right when you need it.

Global solar panel prices appear to be stabilizing after falling off a cliff in 2016. This respite is a welcome relief for solar manufacturers around the world. As one of the fastest evolving spaces within the energy sector, manufacturers are constantly trying to push down product costs on a per watt basis in order to gain market share, often at the expense of profits. Additionally, there are a handful of marginal solar installation companies that are lagging industry peers and are currently being pushed to the edge.

March, 2017 Bankruptcy Risk in Printing, Publishing and Related Industries

With bankruptcy risk up +87% since the last recession, spotting financial distress in the printing and publishing industries is more important than ever. Read on, to avoid getting blindsided.

Two More Retail Bankruptcy Filings: Will the Bon-Ton Be Next?

Is Bon-Ton Stores a credit risk? Find out why prospects don’t look good ... and proceed with caution!

The Frisk® score predicted bankruptcy more than a year before it arrived

This regional department store chain may file for bankruptcy as soon as this month, but the FRISK® score saw trouble coming long before it arrived. Find out why in this in-depth analysis.

Despite rising oil prices, February 2017 Brings Another Oil and Gas Company Bankruptcy Filing (Vanguard Natural Resources LLC)

Vanguard is the latest oil & gas company to file for Chapter 11. See the signs of growing financial trouble, in this bankruptcy case study.

Corporate borrowing costs have been rising, with the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) recently reaching its highest level since the financial crisis. The U.S. Federal Reserve, meanwhile, has shifted toward increasing rates and is strongly hinting that there are more hikes to come. With the expectation of even higher borrowing costs in the future, corporations in the United States have been issuing debt while they can still capture reasonably low rates. However, not all companies have been able to take advantage of what may be the last opportunity to lock in cheap debt...

One Way Credit Portfolios Can Get Blindsided: The Wrong Credit Score Metric

Are you looking at the right factors to predict public company financial distress? A payment-based credit score may be putting your credit decisions at risk.