Trade Contributor Program

Identify the Big Dollar Risks in Your Receivables Data

How much risk is really in your own accounts receivable data? Our customers are often very surprised to find how a small number of companies can represent enormous dollar risk. Those are the companies to find – and follow.

Our Trade Contributor Program helps you assess and monitor the risk of your accounts receivable data. When you combine your data with our data, currently at more than $135 billion in collected trade and growing, you get greater insights to see where your dollar risk exposure lies.

Some member benefits:

  • Get a snapshot of your risk at a glance, segmented by high, medium and low dollar risk
  • Identify subsidiary/parent relationships – see where subsidiaries in your portfolio align with public parent corporations
  • See how your accounts are paying you vs. other vendors
  • Find “hidden slow payers” who pay you on time but others late, signaling potential trouble
  • Receive alerts about private company bankruptcies
  • Generate informative reports (e.g., top customers by total owed, past due, highest risk)
  • Consolidate your data across multiple business divisions or trade A/R files for a unified view of risk
  • Customize reports based on your needs – go beyond traditional templates

You Can be a Trade Contributor Even if you’re Not a Subscriber

There is no cost or obligation to being a trade contributor. Get valuable reporting and risk analysis of your own accounts receivable data, at no charge. It’s simply a benefit of being a part of our program.

Get in the game. Share your trade.


How the Program Works

It’s easy to participate. Our team of trade specialists will help you get your trade files uploaded (in the same format used for other providers, if you like.) From there, you receive ongoing analysis of where your biggest risks lie so you can manage them most effectively. And our trade specialists are there to help you every step of the way by providing ongoing support.

Being a trade program contributor helps other financial professionals, too. By anonymously sharing your experiences, others can benefit and collectively avoid risk.

Our customers are already contributing more than $135 billion of trade experiences monthly, giving them rich insight into where their dollar risk exposure lies.

Selected Report Views
Total Receivables

Total Receivables

Segment the dollar risk of your accounts receivable by high, medium and low risk with our 96% accurate FRISK® score. Identify and monitor your biggest dollar risks.

Customers by Payment Score & DBT Index

See how you’ll be paid and which accounts risk going delinquent – based on the payment experiences reported by other customers.

Payment Score
Hidden Slowpayers

Avoid Being Played by Slow Payers

Counterparties may pay you on time in the present, but that doesn’t mean they’re without risk in the future. With the Trade Contributor Program, we can quickly identify:

  • Slow Payers: Companies that are 21+ days beyond terms or have a DBT of “7” or below.
  • Hidden Slow Payers: Private companies, or public companies without a FRISK® score paying you on time but delinquent with others 21+ days beyond terms.
  • Predicted Slow Payers: Companies with a high risk of severe delinquency over the coming year, based on historical payment data. Use this report to be proactive instead of reactive to historically poor payers.

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