Trade Contributor Program

Unlock the true potential of your subscription by sharing trade.

Get important bankruptcy alerts and stratify your portfolio to identify financial risk before it impacts your bottom line. When you give, our trade team helps you get a lot.

Private Coverage Power

$2.5T+ We collect more than $2.5 trillion USD annually in trade payment data to turbo-charge our private company risk analysis.

Drilling Into A/R Data

18We can hold up to 18 months of A/R data for you to explore a robust history of payment performance to identify risk trends.

Private Coverage Power

$2.5T+We collect more than $2.5 trillion USD annually in trade payment data to turbo-charge our private company risk analysis.

Winning strategies in credit risk monitoring and avoidance

Corporate credit professionals are responsible for protecting the financial health of their companies – walking the delicate line between bookings and recognized revenue.  A subscription with us will help you stay ahead of customer financial risk with highly accurate data and proactive notifications to make crucial trade credit and Accounts Receivables decisions.

CreditRiskMonitor® can immediately help you in meeting these critical responsibilities: 

  • Controlling one of the largest sources of working capital going into a company
  • Use a variety of public and non-public information sources, such as your own company’s management and sales representatives, to be aware of counterparty performance concerns
  • Research actions and behaviors and in turn you provide independent, advanced bankruptcy warnings on both public and private companies

Key features for maintaining a rock-solid portfolio

Our service affords you the ability to create portfolios of unlimited size, along with the flexibility to sort by various data features available in the database. By sorting your portfolio on bankruptcy risk analytics like the FRISK® and PAYCE® scores, you can optimize your account reviews to focus on the riskiest companies. And if you'd like, we'll set up push notifications to help you stay on top of score changes, relevant news, public filings, and more.

Now that's dedicated support

We will even confidentially process your portfolio and match it against our database with no commitment so you can see how effectively we cover your counterparty risk and customize your demonstration using businesses that matter to you.

Trade is the ticket

Our free Trade Contributor Program allows you to identify the risk in your account receivables at no cost to you.

Like you, many risk professionals are participating and reaping benefits from our Trade Contributor Program with no cost or obligation. By contributing trade data, risk professionals are able to enhance their understanding of their counterparties and identify those posing significant threats to their DSO (Days Sold Outstanding) and other performance metrics.

Just some of the benefits you'll reap with trade contribution above a base CreditRiskMonitor® subscription:

  • Access to enhanced reporting
  • Detailed receivable dollars-at-risk stratification
  • Private company bankruptcy alerting

Key resources for credit risk management

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