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Is Your Supply Chain Ready For The Holiday Push?

Protecting your supply chain by proactively mitigating risk against a volatile retail market provides you the ultimate gift this holiday season.

Risky Credits in the Grocery Aisle

As Amazon acquires Whole Foods, risk increases for several public grocery chains that now have less margin for error.

Ten Large Corporations Combating Severe Financial Distress

For Armstrong Energy, J.Crew and iHeartMedia, most if not all of their assets are liabilities, putting trade creditors in a dangerous position.

Consequences of Financial Difficulty that Could Lead to Supply Chain Disruption

Companies in your supply chain could be signaling financial distress and when you know how to spot signs of risk, you put yourself in a position to proactively protect your business.

What Supply Chain Professionals and Credit Managers Need to Know About the Debt Crisis

Credit debt – with interest rates at record lows – is a burgeoning worldwide problem. Will heightened risk hit your customer portfolio this year and if so, how can you get yourself ready for the fallout?

Insolvency Across Borders: China

Transparency in China is low, which makes business dealings a little murky. Here’s what you need to know to arm yourself against risk.

The Indian market is high on the radar for many credit professionals, yet if you’re going to do business with this South Asian country, you need to know the facts. 

Insolvency rules often vary from one country to the next. Here’s what you need to know when working with the European Union.

The retail industry is unstable and suffering, but there are still many companies thriving. You can benefit by learning about what’s working for them.

Procurement professionals are in the business of keeping operations running optimally, which is why resilience is a necessity.

Brazil's political corruption scandal has found its way into many executive suites. This ongoing challenge adds to the business headwinds from the country's three-year economic contraction. Debt-laden JBS SA (BVMF: JBSDD3), one of the largest meat processing operators globally, recently sold foreign assets for net proceeds of 960 million Real. Brazilian courts, in an added twist, recently found corruption involvement within its management team, a major overhang for the company.

Learn how adding crowdsourced data to the Frisk® score model helps you to do a better job of predicting business bankruptcy.

Public company defaults and restructurings adversely affect commercial creditors more often than one might think. Our FRISK® score gives financial professionals the ability to assess financial risk in real time for a portfolio of public companies. And this score now includes crowdsourced input from the thousands of subscribers using the CreditRiskMonitor service.