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Procurement Across the Continents: South America

Risk of financial failure in South America is higher than it was during the Great Recession a decade ago. We scouted more than 1,500 public companies to find the riskiest public companies on the continent.

Financial Statement Sourcing: Getting More For Less

Financial Statement Sourcing is a new service that offers companies flexible options to help ease the collection, data entry and standardization of a private company’s financial statements.

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

The start of 2018 has various Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. stakeholders on edge, as all await a judge's ruling on the retailer's recent bankruptcy.

Procurement Professionals

Bankruptcy risk is a specific area procurement professionals should focus upon when evaluating publicly held suppliers’ financial performance – especially given the effect of competitive pressures on corporate margins and daily news stories about growing levels of global debt. 

Kodak Cryptocurrency

Don’t let a small hot streak on the stock market fool you – Kodak’s financial security remains very much in question and provides a picture-perfect example of bankruptcy risk.

Oil and Gas Crises

Crowdsourcing finds that hundreds of oil & gas companies continue to deal with financial distress in spite of the stabilization of energy commodity prices.

Retail Default Risk: The Uncovered Cases

Standard & Poor’s recently released a list of retailers that it believes to be at the highest risk of default over the course of 2018. The retail industry is changing quickly, and it’s important to separate the operators that have kept themselves in good financial stead versus the ones which have not.

Year In Review: High Risk Reports

Credit professionals relied upon CreditRiskMonitor’s High Risk Reports to stay several steps ahead of failure, as 2017 was full of high-profile bankruptcy cases in the corporate world which were well-known to subscribers before they hit.

Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc.

Residential construction operator Hovnanian Enterprises' bottom-rung FRISK® score displays the company's heightened financial risk in advance of its distressed debt exchange.

Year In Review: Bankruptcy Case Studies

Some big names filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and they all had a few key common indicators. Read our analysis and findings here.

Increasing Risk in the Australian Economy

Australia’s previously stable economy is exhibiting an increase in risk due to a number of factors like a retail sales decline and slowing in its overheated housing market.

Noble Group Limited

Commodities trader Noble Group Limited is in talks with creditors to restructure its debt. Their FRISK® score is in the high-risk "red zone," warning risk professionals of Noble Group's poor financial condition.