Public company risk is ever-present. Check back for the latest news and advice from CreditRiskMonitor.

What credit best practices keep $3B staffing firm EmployBridge humming?
Hancock Fabrics' Business Bankruptcy

When problems persist quarter after quarter, bankruptcy is likely. To recognize the early warning signs, you simply need to know how to read the patterns.

Frisk Stress Index

“You probably won’t read anything like this in the Wall Street Journal or elsewhere that we’re aware of. This is good data gathered in the trenches and is flashing warning signs.”

That’s what Credit Today magazine had to say about the new CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® Stress Index in a recent review. They went as far as calling it “the holy grail of leading indicators.”

We’re honored, of course, but what does the index mean to you?


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Sysco Foods' Recipe for Managing Credit Risk

Have you heard of Sysco Foods?

You’ve almost certainly benefited from their services. $48B Fortune 100 company Sysco is the world's largest food distributor and supplies everything from dishes to ingredients to even hair nets. They serve the needs of almost anywhere food is served, including hospitals, schools, hotels — even casinos.

Publicly Traded Company Risk

"I don't have any public company risk." Have you ever told yourself that?

You might be very surprised. We work with credit managers and procurement professionals at leading companies around the world, and here’s a consistent finding: Public companies usually account for far more dollar risk exposure than our customers think. 

Stay Ahead of Financial Risk

As Bob Dylan famously wrote, "The hard rain, it's a-gonna fall."

When it comes to financial risk, we are living in some seriously soggy times. 2016 is shaping up to be a risky and volatile year. Whether or not the current turmoil turns into a full-blown recession is anyone's guess at this point and there are a lot of guesses out there — but one thing for sure is that risk levels are rising, and rising fast.