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CPI Card Group, Inc.
High Risk Report

CPI Card Group, Inc. has seen it's FRISK® score flatline for 12 consecutive months as persistent negative net worth suggests loanable collateral has been exhausted.

Default Risk
Blog Post

Knowledge of how and when to react to a business defaulting is essential; cutting ties with a customer or supplier too soon could lead to a missed sales opportunity, while being too late can result in financial loss.

Parker Drilling Company
Bankruptcy Case Studies

This Bankruptcy Case Study shows that Parker Drilling Company was choked by more than a half a billion dollars in debt in 2018, never rising above a FRISK® score of "1."

Year In Review: Bankruptcies
Blog Post

CreditRiskMonitor takes a look back at the biggest bankruptcies of 2018 and the advanced Intel we provided our subscribers about companies before their Chapter 11 filings, headlined by the Sears Holdings Corporation.

PetroQuest Energy, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Anchored off the United States' Gulf Coast Basin, PetroQuest Energy, Inc. could not further weather steep drops in sales and working capital, which in large part led to their bankruptcy.

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc.
Blog Post

While many missed the warning signs for Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc.'s bankruptcy in November 2018, the FRISK® score's daily calculation of the company's risk revealed sobering truths.

Hexion, Inc. High Risk Report
High Risk Report

Ohio-based chemical giant Hexion, Inc. has seen it's FRISK® score stay sunk at a bottom-dwelling "1" for more than two years, indicating tremendous potential bankruptcy risk.

Cloud Peak Energy, Inc.
Blog Post

Thermal coal seller Cloud Peak Energy, Inc. is under intense, increasing financial stress as highlighted by our proprietary FRISK® score.

Offshore Drilling
Blog Post

CreditRiskMonitor’s FRISK® Stress Index is once again highlighting elevated financial risk for oil and gas drilling operators.

Tesla, Inc.

CreditRiskMonitor’s proprietary FRISK® score for auto giant Tesla, Inc., in part powered by subscriber crowdsourcing, has persistently signaled an elevated level of financial risk.

AutoCanada, Inc.
Blog Post

AutoCanada Inc.'s heavy leverage has put the company in potential danger. As interest rates rise in both Canada and the U.S., expected softer sales and higher costs will make it much harder for the company to remain solvent in 2019.

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.
High Risk Report

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. generates more than $2 billion in annual sales – yet in a growing trucking industry, CreditRiskMonitor subscriber crowdsourcing provides us a key warning signal that the company may be headed towards a breakdown.