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Monitronics International, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Monitronics International, Inc. met Chapter 11 in 2019 but CreditRiskMonitor subscribers had the opportunity to survey danger in this electronic security industry leader far ahead of their bankruptcy filing.

PAYCE® score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies: 2019

Leveraging AI for accurate private company bankruptcy risk assessment, we were successful in predicting 70% of bankruptcies thus far in 2019 with the PAYCE® score.

Credit Professionals Should Prepare For Record Losses Tied to U.S. Public Corporations
Blog Post

CreditRiskMonitor currently estimates that financial losses stemming from U.S. public company bankruptcies alone will be in excess of $1.1 trillion, a greater figure than what was lost during the Great Recession.

Global Debt Crisis Spirals to New Highs with Record Setting Negative Yields
Blog Post

The global economy appears to have deteriorated in a significant way during 2019 given the trends in negative yielding debt. 

Japan Display
Blog Post

For Apple, providing capital support to its supply chain is an option, but for most companies bailing out critical suppliers is not financially feasible, let alone an option on the table. Is your supply chain secure?

NantHealth, Inc.
High Risk Report

NantHealth, Inc. is experiencing some major distress. In this report, we diagnose their dangerous dealings in debt and what you can do as a creditor or a supplier to avoid risk.

Pioneer Energy Services Corporation
High Risk Report

San Antonio-based Pioneer Energy Services Corporation's swelling debt and decline in working capital present heightened bankruptcy risk.

The PAYDEX® Score Hides Bankruptcy Risk, the FRISK® Score Precisely Measures It
Blog Post

D&B’s "Bankruptcy: Why the Surprise?" whitepaper shows that their popular PAYDEX® score misleads trade creditors on public company bankruptcy risk.

Crowdsourcing Sounds Alarm as J. C. Penney Fights for Survival
Blog Post

For J. C. Penney Company, Inc., CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary subscriber crowdsourcing is indicating negative sentiment and matches the high-risk assessment of the retail giant provided by the FRISK® score.

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
High Risk Report

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd., an oil & gas giant based in the Canadian Rockies, is battling mountainous debt obligations and interest payments.

FTD Companies, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Floral delivery service FTD Companies Inc. wilted under the pressures of enormous debt and growing industry competition.

FRISK® Score Highlights Increasing Risk for Global Construction Operator
Blog Post

In a highly interconnected world, large financially distressed companies like Spain's Obrascon Huarte Lain can pose far-reaching risks.