Parker Drilling Company

Parker Drilling Company
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2018 proved to be a calamitous year for the Parker Drilling Company. A provider of contract drilling, as well as rental tools and services, PDC was highlighted by CreditRiskMonitor six months before their eventual Chapter 11 filing as a public company fraught with bankruptcy risk.

Despite being a leader in their industry, with operations in 19 different countries, the Houston-Based outfit was choked by more than a half a billion dollars in debt in 2018 and sunk to a FRISK® score of "1," never to rebound:

Parker Drilling's well went completely dry in 2018.

This Bankruptcy Case Study will take you through the years-long spotlight the FRISK® score placed upon the Parker Drilling Company, who saw operating and net losses in each of their last five fiscal quarters. Additionally, PDC's leverage ratios - total debt in relation to tangible net worth, total liabilities to equity, and total liabilities to tangible net worth as core line items - worsened considerably during the same time period.

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