Public Company Risk Analysis

Public companies account for the majority of worldwide dollars at risk. Identify your risk exposure with CreditRiskMonitor®.

Get comprehensive coverage on an outsized risk group

Data shows that public companies account for more than half of the dollars at risk. That's why you need to know if even one of your critical public companies or vendors is at risk of bankruptcy. Otherwise, the hurt to your business could be huge.

Spot public company risk ahead of time with unparalleled accuracy

Our reporting tools provide exclusive access to our FRISK® score for public companies. The FRISK® score gives you daily and accurate risk insights. In fact, the FRISK® score is 96% accurate in assessing public company risk over a 12-month window.

Save time and gain efficiency with easy-to-use portfolio management

Keep an eye on key trends or changes in risk for all companies in your online portfolio. Add unlimited companies. Access risk analytics, financials, agency rating, and much more directly from one view.

Always be in the know with customizable reports and alerts

Search companies, see financials and review credit ratings, all in one place. Customized alerts on the companies you profile including changes in risk probability, news and ratings.

The secret weapon for managing public company risk: the 96% accurate FRISK® score.

Since the start of 2017, the FRISK® score’s rate of success in capturing public company bankruptcy is 96%: 235 identified out of 243 bankruptcies. In any given year, you can count on one hand the times we miss – and in those outlier cases, the circumstances deal with unusual, unforeseen events such as natural disasters and CEO fraud.

Our FRISK® score model incorporates four powerful risk inputs:

  • “Merton”-type model of stock market capitalization and volatility
  • Financial ratios, including those used in the Altman Z”-Score Model
  • Bond agency ratings from Fitch, Moody's and DBRS Morningstar
  • Website click pattern data from CreditRiskMonitor® subscribers, representing key credit decision makers at more than 35% of current Fortune 1000 companies plus thousands of other large companies worldwide

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