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Use the right data and accurate analytics to make sound financial risk decisions in a timely manner.

Our thousands of clients include more than 35% of the Fortune 1000. We work directly with key decision makers in credit, procurement and treasury. From credit managers to supply chain analysts to CFOs, we understand the importance of your work. That’s why we created a web-based service that is tailored to saving time and money.

Corporate Credit

When you control one of the largest sources of working capital for business, your job is to make judgment calls based on objective facts, not feelings. You make difficult, sometimes unpopular decisions based on data and even one upset with a critical customer can wreak havoc on your receivables and business in general.

CreditRiskMonitor® helps you see the dangers hidden in your portfolio. Join the largest virtual credit group in the world and gain new insight into your public and private company risks. Find out more

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Supply chain and procurment

Supply Chain & Procurement

The failure of a single financially stressed critical vendor can be catastrophic. It can compromise your company’s supply chain, revenue and reputation. We provide a one-stop tool to help.

Produce high-level vendor risk reports or drill into details. Build a customized portfolio and get real-time email alerts of changes. All with one simple-to-use, web-based tool. CreditRiskMonitor® gives you a supreme strategic edge in vetting and monitoring of vendors. Find out more

Treasury & Finance

If you are a treasurer, financial analyst or CFO, there are a lot of eyes on you at your organization. You need to deliver growth while managing risk and keeping your team efficient, all while navigating an increasingly volatile and uncertain economy.

With CreditRiskMonitor® you can uncover financial risk at private and public companies. You can use our FRISK® Stress Index for a macroeconomic analysis of financial risk in major industries and geographies around the world. Receive news alerts, agency ratings, financials, risk scores and more actionable information on all your counterparties in one place. Find out more

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