Private Company Risk Analysis

Enjoy a sharper understanding of the private company risk lurking in your portfolio, even when financial statement data is unavailable.

If you have financials, we have a variety of options available for getting the most accurate full report risk assessments on the market which include private company FRISK® scores that allow apple-to-apples risk comparisons between your private and public counterparties:

  • Our Financial Statement Processing team can transform non-standard statements saving you time and improving productivity
  • Our Confidential Financials Portal allows you to invite your counterparties to enter their own financials for processing saving you time and money
  • Our Confidential Financial Statements tool allows you to enter financials that you've obtained directly saving you even more money and ensuring consistent analysis

If you don't have financials, our PAYCE® score could be a valuable option (see description below).

Eliminate the major pains of private company financial risk analysis with Financial Statement Processing

CreditRiskMonitor® provides flexible options to help ease your process in the data entry and standardization of a private company’s financial statements. Post standardization, we calculate and deliver our FRISK® score in comprehensive reports that include other information such as the Altman Z”-Score, agency ratings, financial ratios, public records, payment behavior, trends and peer analyses.

Get an accurate gauge of risk with the PAYCE® score

CreditRiskMonitor has updated its popular PAYCE® score, now with greatly expanded private company coverage and an uplift to 80% accuracy in predicting all declared bankruptcies.

The new PAYCE® score:

  • Predicts the risk of bankruptcy in the next 12 months with improved accuracy and precision
  • Covers more than 330,000 private businesses; further, we believe the score covers the vast majority of U.S. private companies with annual revenue of $5M+, in line with NAICS data published in February 2022
  • Captures 80% of all reported bankruptcies within 12 months of scoring
  • Distilled highest-risk classification: ~50% of reported bankruptcies scored as PAYCE® "1" or "2" before filing; the group only represents 2.5% of the population

Analyze the risk of new trading partners with the Confidential Financials Portal

The Confidential Financials Portal lets you and your financial counterparties share and analyze financials. The portal calculates FRISK® scores and Z"-Scores for those financials. It is a secure and confidential tool to help you do business with your partners. For a fast download, check out our one-pager.

Enhance your credit oversight with our Trade Contributor Program

We collect more than $2.5 trillion in trade payment data each year. For no added cost, get action reports that identify risk in your private customers and show you comparable data on how other CreditRiskMonitor® trade contributors are being paid. What's more, trade contributors' counterparties are automatically added to their portfolios for active monitoring including receipt of private company bankruptcy alerts.