What We Do

Get fast, easy access to the critical information you need to effectively analyze the risk of your public company customers, vendors and partners

CreditRiskMonitor is a web-based financial risk analysis and news service designed for credit, supply chain and financial professionals. We provide timely news, deep data and proven quantitative analytics to help you stay ahead of public company financial risk.

Our customers tell us our service is both comprehensive and easy to use, while being more timely and accurate than competing credit services.

Leading companies, including more than 35% of the Fortune 1000, rely on us for accurate, reliable coverage of 58,000 public companies globally, featuring:

  • Our predictive financial stress score, the FRISK® score, proven to be 96% accurate
  • Continuous monitoring and timely email alerts on news, risk and ratings changes, filtered for financial relevance
  • Complete financial statements, with up to 10 years of history and downloadable statements
  • Key financial ratios, trends and peer analyses
  • Agency ratings and news from Moody’s and Fitch—all in one place
  • The new FRISK® Stress Index, which shows you risk levels and trends from 2007 to now, by industry, country or across your portfolio

Content is synthesized and packaged for the needs of financial professionals.

Our customers also contribute more than $135 billion of their own trade receivables data monthly, for an accurate and insightful view into the dollar risk exposure in their own accounts.

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Fundamental Service
Portfolio Analysis

The core CreditRiskMonitor service offers a powerful presentation of financial ratio analyses and fundamental company information. It includes:

Commercial Credit Risk Reports

Our public company reports and analysis are designed to save you time and effort while helping you stay ahead of risk. 

  • Get credit risk ratings and scores in seconds, including our 96% accurate proprietary FRISK® score and, when available, bond agency ratings from Moody's and Fitch
  • See detailed 5-year financial analyses and ratios
  • Download data for quick and easy reference
  • Compare a company to its peer group in seconds

We provide comprehensive coverage of more than 57,000 public companies worldwide. Typical reports feature annual and quarterly financial analysis, financial statements, ratios, peer comparisons, company background information, and ratings and analysis from Moody's and Fitch. Reports also include trade payment data, and public filing information (i.e., suits, liens, judgments, and bankruptcy information) on over 6 million public and private U.S. companies.

It's hard to identify your public risk exposure. Let us help make it easier, starting with a free assessment of your dollar risk exposure.

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Daily News Summary

Continuous Monitoring and Timely News Alerts

One of our most popular features, our targeted news alerts keep you on top of important financial news. We monitor your portfolio 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, so you know what's going on with your customers, suppliers and vendors.

  • Combines hundreds of news services, agency ratings updates and more
  • Filtered to cut out non-financial stories
  • Delivered as a single daily list of headlines or continuously as full-text articles 
  • Timely and up-to-date

Simply identify the companies you care about (your portfolio) and we will deliver credit-related news, financial updates, SEC filings or agency rating changes, without the irrelevant stories you get from other services cluttering your inbox. 

Frisk Stress Index

FRISK® Stress Index

The new FRISK® Stress Index gives you an at-a-glance assessment of the probability of failure in a group of public companies, along with the risk trend over time. Assess the risk level and trends of public companies in an industry or country to prepare for pricing and profitability pressures on your customers or suppliers.

The Index is free of charge and available to the public. CreditRiskMonitor subscribers can see view the names of the specific companies driving the risk, as well as assess the risk of a customized portfolio of companies.
The Index:

  • Gives you an immediate snapshot of the average stress level of companies by country or industry, compared it to the start of the Great Recession
  • Highlights risk in major industries and countries around the world
  • Provides a reliable, fact-based assessment of financial risk, updated daily
  • Subscribers can display the names of specific companies driving the risk in an industry or country



Trade Contributor Program

Trade Contributor Program

We can also help you assess and monitor the risk of one of your most valuable assets — your own accounts receivable.

Our trade contributor program is included with your subscription and shows you the risk in your own accounts. Our customers contribute more than $130B of trade data monthly to gain valuable insight into their dollar risk exposure.
Participate to:

  • Rank all your accounts by risk level, showing you the dollars at risk in your receivables
  • See how you’re being paid compared to other businesses
  • Find “hidden slow payers” who pay you on time but others late, signaling potential trouble
  • Get a unified view of your risk by consolidating your data across business units and divisions
  • Monitor to stay alert to important changes to your risk exposure

As a trade contributor, you can also get optional access to Experian Financial Stability Risk Scores℠ to show potential risk in your private company accounts. 


Optional Add Ons
Credit Limit Service (Optional)

Our Credit Limit Service provides an comprehensive tool for setting and monitoring public company credit limits. Setting limits for large organizations can be challenging. Let us help you make it easier.

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Determine accurate, objective and consistent credit limits, quickly, automatically and customized to your needs. The credit limit service enables you to calculate recommended credit limits for each of your public-company customers.

  • Sophisticated model is based on the proven, 96% accurate FRISK(R) score
  • Proven, back-tested on more than 10,000 public companies
  • Customize the recommendation to match your company's relationship with each customer
  • See the reasons for the recommendation
  • Explain your credit decisions to others 



Credit limits aren't static. Once you set your customized limits, we alert you to changes to them, helping you stay on top of changing risk.

  • We will help you set up credit limit recommendations to be re-computed every night, for each of your public-company customers

  • Indicate a credit limit amount for each customer, and the system will alert you if its recommendation falls below this amount
  • Get alerts by email, only when necessary
  • Alerts point to new information in the Fundamental Service, so you can quickly decide what to do

Monitor a recommended credit limit for changes to focus your risk analysis time where it is really required. 


Experian Financial Stability Risk Scores

As part of the Trade Contributor Program, get added insight into the private company portion of your accounts receivables by adding on the Financial Stability Risk Score from Experian.
Quickly identify the highest risk businesses through a combination of payment/public records including: severely delinquent payments of 61+ and 91+ days; high utilization of credit lines; tax liens, judgments, and collection accounts; risk industries; low years in business and much more.


Use the Experian Financial Stability Risk score to:

  • Avoid write-offs and payment defaults by using the easy-to-understand 1-100 percentile scale, where 60% of the risk is focused in the bottom 5% of scores.
  • Five risk classes help you quickly identify businesses with high risk of bankruptcy and payment default.
  • Understand the results by seeing up to four reasons for the lowered scores.