What We Do

Predictive risk scores, bond ratings, news alerts, financial statements, robust analytics and much more - all a part of your North American or Worldwide subscription to CreditRiskMonitor®.

Fundamental Service

Our subscribers often celebrate the great overall value of our fundamental service, since they receive the following insights:

  • Easy-to-understand portfolio listings of all your counterparties, with time-saving sort functions to focus on your riskiest companies first
  • Access to the crowdsourced risk assessments of our subscriber base (the largest digital group of risk professionals) whose levels of concern are instantaneously factored into the FRISK® score
  • Accurate and comprehensive reports of both public and private company financial risk – knowing both should be assessed differently
  • Daily news and risk alerts

Subscribers are also able to monitor the aggregate risk level of their portfolio: as a whole, or by industrial sector and/or geographic designations using the FRISK® Stress Index.

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Public Company Risk Analysis

Our strength, and your advantage, is our industry-leading accuracy and thorough coverage on more than 57,000 global public companies.

Public companies are few in number compared to privates but account for the majority of worldwide dollars at risk – 53% of typical dollar risk exposure in 2020 is in publics. Find out more

Private Company Risk Analysis

With Financial Statement Processing, we help professionals streamline their financial risk analysis on private companies and expedite apple-to-apples comparisons with their public counterparties using the same FRISK® scoring model. Find out more

Private company risk analysis
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Trade Contributor Program

We collect more than $2 trillion in trade payment data each year. For zero added cost, we can greatly enhance your credit oversight by providing a stratified view of your receivable dollars by risk probability and enhanced reporting on your counterparties. Find out more