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MicroCap Explosions: Interview With CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum

In a special one-on-one interview, CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum talks about the importance of monitoring financial risk in public companies with MicroCap Explosions President Mariusz Skonieczny.
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RetailDive: Podcast with Ben Unglesbee on the Looming Threat of Retail Bankruptcies

RetailDive recently set out to compile a list of distressed retailers at risk of bankruptcy, using data provided by CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary FRISK® score. In this podcast, author Ben Unglesbee discusses his findings in advance of the 2019 holiday season.

Media Coverage Girding for the $17 Trillion Negative Interest Rate Debt Trap

In a discussion with CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum, Karen Webster of talks about the volatile bond market and the unprecedented Global Debt Problem that continually grows in 2019.

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Bloomberg: Dean Has Got Milk But Few Growth Prospects as It Hunts for Buyer

Bloomberg writers Lydia Mulvany and Katherine Doherty check in with CreditRiskMonitor to better understand the risk level hidden within U.S. dairy giant, the Dean Foods Company.

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Forbes: Retail Downsizing Will Accelerate, With UBS Predicting 75,000 Stores Will Be Forced To Close By 2026

Pamela Danziger of Forbes cites CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® score data to identify at-risk retailers during a sweeping restructure of the physical retail sector.

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Retail Dive: 12 retailers walking a dangerous line toward bankruptcy in 2019

Retail Dive's Cara Salpini takes a look at the 12 retailers walking a dangerous line toward bankruptcy in 2019, citing CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score.

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RetailDive: Neiman Marcus Reportedly in Talks to Restructure Debt

Ben Unglesbee of RetailDive leverages CreditRiskMonitor FRISK®️ score data to examine the current financial health of mega retailer Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC.

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MoneyWise: The Struggling Stores Most Likely to Go Belly-Up Next

Doug Whiteman of MoneyWise cites CreditRiskMonitor data to predict which publicly traded retailers might be the next to declare bankruptcy.

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Inbound Logistics: Facing the Crowd

Inbound Logistics' Sandra Beckwith cites CreditRiskMonitor as a power user of crowdsourcing throughout the supply chain—from product design to final-mile delivery—to better assess risk.

Media Coverage Will Risky Supplier Financing Light the $1.3T Debt Bomb’s Fuse? interviewed CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum about the "ticking time bomb" of non-financial corporate debt worldwide in 2018 and what the future holds.

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Supply Chain Dive: Tesla's Cash Flow Woes Have Some Suppliers Worried They Won't Get Paid

Supply Chain Dive's Emma Cosgrove interviewed CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum regarding the level of risk suppliers of Tesla, Inc. face in the wake of the company's recent cash flow problems.

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RetailDive: 10 Retailers at Risk of Bankruptcy, Q2 Update

Ben Unglesbee of RetailDive refers to the CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® score to determine 10 retailers with heightened bankruptcy risk heading into the second half of 2018.