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General Nutrition Center
Media Coverage

Daphne Howland of Retail Dive reports on the recent store closings of specialty retailer General Nutrition Center (GNC), citing CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score as a reliable measure for predicting public company bankruptcy risk.

Style Democracy Bankruptcy Risk Feature
Media Coverage

Julia Melcher of Style Democracy looks at major retailers with CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® scores of "2" and below, indicating heightened bankruptcy risk for those companies in 2018.

Retail Dive Risk
Media Coverage

Using the CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score as his main barometer, Ben Unglesbee of Retail Dive looks at a dozen retailers at risk for bankruptcy this year.

Crowdsourcing Talk
Media Coverage

In this audio interview, CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum speaks to SupplyChainBrain's Bob Bowman about crowdsourcing and the unique nature of credit managers' behavioral data.

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

California-based biopharmaceutical company Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. failed to pass our FRISK® score inspection for years, ultimately filing for bankruptcy in early 2018.

Trade Credit’s $2.5 Trillion Ticking Time Bomb
Media Coverage

CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum and Senior VP Peter Roma recently spoke with on why public company debt should scare creditors as it relates to bankruptcy risk. 

Revlon, Inc.
Blog Post

Leveraged to the max, it seems as though there’s not enough makeup in the world to mask Revlon, Inc.’s deep financial troubles.

Bankruptcy Risk in the Supply Chain
Media Coverage

CreditRiskMonitor President William Danner writes in this feature for Food Logisitics about the common signals every business should look for to monitor insolvency risk in the supply chain.

India Business
Blog Post

India is an attractive market to penetrate due to its low operating costs and a diverse selection of companies in hot industries like technology - but with more than 1,000 public companies in the FRISK® "red zone," there's big-time risk in bringing business east.

Debt Problem
Blog Post

If history is any guide, all risk professionals need to prepare for a worldwide economic downturn today or otherwise risk playing catch-up tomorrow.

Quantum Corporation High Risk Report
High Risk Report

Finances seem not to compute these days for California-based tech solutions provider Quantum Corporation, now at heightened risk of bankruptcy in 2018.

Financial Statement Sourcing
Press Release

CreditRiskMonitor has debuted its new Financial Statement Sourcing service, giving credit and supply chain professionals the ability to quickly and accurately track and analyze the financial performance of private companies.