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Hancock Fabrics' Business Bankruptcy
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When problems persist quarter after quarter, bankruptcy is likely. To recognize the early warning signs, you simply need to know how to read the patterns.

Frisk Stress Index
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“You probably won’t read anything like this in the Wall Street Journal or elsewhere that we’re aware of. This is good data gathered in the trenches and is flashing warning signs.”

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CreditRiskMonitor has a new look — and new content! We've updated our site to keep you up-to-date with our service and the changing world of risk.

Financial risk is often overlooked, writes Procurement Leaders. Read why that should sound alarm bells for procurement and supply chain pros.

When it comes to public company risk, what's true... and what's all wet? Separate facts from fiction with our visual look. View it below or download a copy using the download link, right. 


The new FRISK® Stress Index is a fast, powerful way to see risk levels of industries, countries or your portfolio.

It compares the probability of failure of groups of companies (such as an industry, a country or your own portfolio) from 2007 to today. 


Download the quick guide to the new CreditRiskMonitor web site.

Sysco Foods' Recipe for Managing Credit Risk
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Have you heard of Sysco Foods?

Publicly Traded Company Risk
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"I don't have any public company risk." Have you ever told yourself that?

Stay Ahead of Financial Risk
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As Bob Dylan famously wrote, "The hard rain, it's a-gonna fall."

Customer Story

Celanese Global Credit Manager Mark Walker’s Formula for Innovation: Automation + Diverse Data = Powerful Risk Mitigation