Supply & Demand Chain Executive Webcast: Predictive Analytics

Our very own Dr. Camilo Gomez, CreditRiskMonitor Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research, spoke about the value that predictive analytics is providing to procurement professionals in this webinar.

Steady improvements in predictive analytics are generating immense value for supply chains, but only when the data and information are interpreted and applied effectively. Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine featured a panel of industry experts to take on this subject as it relates to their fields of expertise.

The panel included industry innovator Dr. Camilo Gomez, SVP Quantitative Research at CreditRiskMonitor. Dr. Gomez shared how CreditRiskMonitor’s predictive FRISK® score and PAYCE™ scores are essential in helping supply chain professionals stay ahead of risk with their key suppliers. 

Dr. Gomez also talked about new initiatives in crowdsourcing that will be changing the way we do business – giving credit, supply chain and financial professionals the added edge when it comes to mitigating risk within their organizations.

Dr. Gomez was joined by panel moderator, Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Editor-in-Chief, John Yuva, and panelists Brian Begeman, Research & Development Leader at John Galt Solutions and Vivek Soneja, Global Head of Supply Chain Solutions at Anaplan.

If you’d like to have a follow-up discussion with an industry expert at CreditRiskMonitor, please email Linda Rigano at or call 914.815.0396.