The FRISK® Score Solves Problems

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The best way to avoid financial problems is to have a clear picture of the risk level of every company in your portfolio. Yet we know accurately assessing risk for both public and private companies can be tedious and time consuming. Does your current risk assessment process give you a timely and accurate picture of risk? And are you monitoring public and private company bankruptcy risk knowing that each should be assessed differently? For example, you may not be able to identify that a specific public company is in financial stress until the day that they file for bankruptcy. By then, it’s too late and the damage is done.

What if you could predict a public company’s bankruptcy risk probability within 12 months’ time, with 96% accuracy? Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

We are CreditRiskMonitor, a web-based financial risk analysis and news service for professionals. The FRISK® score is at the core of our service, incorporating powerful risk indicators, including:

  • A “Merton” type model, using stock market capitalization and volatility,
  • Financial ratios, including those used in the Altman Z”-Score model,
  • Bond agency ratings from Moody’s, Fitch, DBRS and Morningstar Credit Ratings,
  • And crowdsourcing. The FRISK® score is even more accurate from collecting click behavior from our subscribers, including more than 35% of the Fortune 1000 companies, plus thousands more worldwide.

Our subscribers are highly influential in the daily commerce of some of the world’s largest corporations, making decisions affecting billions of dollars of purchase and sale transactions every month. When they’re concerned, working capital risk increases.

Your portfolio. Does it contain more private companies than public companies? Most do. Are you aware of how many of these private companies are subsidiaries of larger public companies? Our research shows that half of the dollars at risk worldwide are tied into public companies. CreditRiskMonitor covers more than 58,000 public companies, totaling about $70 trillion in corporate revenue.

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