Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.
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Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: RRTS), an asset-light transportation and logistics service provider based out of Wisconsin, is currently battling financial distress. Since May 2018, Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. has dropped as far as a company can go into the FRISK® score "red zone" to a bottom-rung "1." This high-risk signal indicates a 10-to-50% probability of bankruptcy over the coming 12-month period.

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. FRISK® score
The FRISK® score provides an accurate, timely hazard signal for public companies.

In this High Risk Report, we demonstrate key factors that are contributing to Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.'s weakening financial condition. For instance, the business has reported net losses in each of the last five sequential quarters, in addition to bottom quartile rankings among industry peers for key financial ratios such as cash, total debt-to-equity, total debt-to-assets and interest coverage.

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About High Risk Reports

CreditRiskMonitor’s High Risk Reports feature companies that are exhibiting a significantly high level of financial distress, as indicated by our proprietary FRISK® score.

The reports highlight the factors that have pushed a company's score lower on the "1" (worst) to "10" (best) FRISK® score, which is 96% accurate in predicting bankruptcy over a 12-month period. The High Risk Reports also includes analysis on financial indicators such as the company’s DBT index, stock performance, financial ratios and how it is performing relative to its industry peers.

The ultimate goal of the High Risk Report series is two-part: provide an early warning for those doing business with an increasingly distressed company and inform of the many signals that should be examined when assessing financial risks.