European Private Coverage Levels Up

CreditRiskMonitor® is pleased to announce that we have added coverage on more than 9,000,000 private businesses in our database.

This additional coverage includes 1.1 million businesses with Altman Z”-Scores and more than 325,000 additional businesses with private company FRISK® scoring.

Our mission is to make meaningful bankruptcy risk analysis as widespread as possible – striking deeper into European markets such as the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands helps us give you an edge in your preparation against financial failures from global counterparties.

All the new data is mapped and presented in our CreditRiskMonitor® report style so it’s a snap to read from the day of purchase. It’s the data and analytics you’ve come to expect from us: easy to use, easy to compare, easy to share up or downstream. Check out a sample report by clicking here!

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