Treasury & Finance

Improve efficiency while managing risk in an uncertain economy.

Treasurers, financial analysts and CFOs: all eyes in your organization are on you. You’re expected to deliver growth while managing risk and keeping your team efficient in an increasingly volatile and uncertain economy.

In a time of low interest rates, high liquidity and low default rates, all while global debt is three times that of the gross domestic product (GDP), you are right to have concerns a benign credit cycle of over eight years could be coming to an end. The stock market might be telling another tale, but numbers don’t lie and cycles are sure to start and end; take the steps now to get in front of another downturn.

CreditRiskMonitor helps you and your teams stay ahead of major financial risk easily and efficiently:

  • Uncover financial risk with our proprietary FRISK® and PAYCETM scores, highly accurate in predicting the severe financial stress leading to bankruptcy in public and private companies
  • Use our FRISK® Stress Index to get an immediate snapshot of the overall financial stress of a group of companies in major industries and countries around the world
  • Stay alert to changes to a company’s financial health over time, with automatic, timely email alerts of financial stress, material news and score changes, along with agency rating updates from Moody’s and Fitch 

And stay ahead of financial risk by leveraging our crowdsourcing method – a component of our FRISK® score – to access the insights of credit professionals and other CreditRiskMonitor subscribers who collectively make up 35% of the Fortune 1000, plus thousands more at large corporations worldwide. Simply put, using CreditRiskMonitor puts you in great company.

Obtaining financial insight on a publicly-traded company prior to actual disclosure has always been difficult given restrictions that prevent insider trading. “Fair Disclosure,” however, does not apply to credit professionals, whose job is to assess a public company’s financial health. This allows them to confidentially share information with other credit professionals.

We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable credit and risk professionals using our website every day. When a majority of credit professionals are focused on a particular company, we analyze their collective click patterns to warn of financial problems. Our crowdsourcing method becomes an extremely powerful – and legal – way to understand how reliable a company truly is as a supplier, customer or investment.

Get started by sending us your portfolio

CreditRiskMonitor allows you to create portfolios of unlimited size. The portfolio serves as the foundation on which to build a process. This is critically important to successfully understand where your attention is most needed at any one time. Once established, CreditRiskMonitor will proactively monitor those companies and actively “push” information to you to ensure you are never surprised by a troubled company, default or bankruptcy. We will keep you abreast of our proprietary financial risk scoring, financially relevant news, public filings, changes in agency ratings and payment history.