Supply Chain & Procurement

Avoid supply chain disruption and control vendor risk exposure.

Chief Procurement Officers, Directors of Supply, Supply Chain Analysts, Procurement Leaders, Purchasing and Procurement professionals – if you work in the procurement field, you are mindful that the failure of just one financially stressed critical vendor can compromise your supply chain, your revenue and your reputation. 

CreditRiskMonitor can make it easier for you to keep on top of financial risk:

And stay ahead of supplier risk in public companies by leveraging our crowdsourcing method - a component of our FRISK® score - to access the insights of credit professionals and other CreditRiskMonitor subscribers that include 35% of the Fortune 1000, plus thousands more at large corporations worldwide.

Credit professionals use our service for the same reason you would – to stay ahead of financial risk. However, you probably weren’t aware that tracking a credit manager’s behavior gives you access to expert financial risk insights. Credit professionals are not held to the same “Fair Disclosure” restrictions that prevent non-disclosed information sharing on public companies. This allows them to confidentially share information with other credit professionals.

We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable credit and risk professionals using our website every day. When a majority of credit professionals are focused on a particular company, we analyze their collective click patterns to warn of financial problems. Our crowdsourcing method becomes an extremely powerful – and legal – way to understand how reliable a company truly is as a supplier.

Get started by sending us your portfolio

CreditRiskMonitor allows you to create portfolios of unlimited size. The portfolio serves as the foundation on which to build a process. This is critically important to successfully understand where your attention is most needed at any one time. Once established, CreditRiskMonitor will proactively monitor those companies and actively “push” information to you to ensure you are never surprised by a troubled company, default or bankruptcy. We will keep you abreast of our proprietary financial risk scoring, financially relevant news, public filings, changes in agency ratings and payment history.