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FRISK® Score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies

Over the last two completed calendar years, CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a near 98% rate of success.

The Italian Recession
Blog Post

CreditRiskMonitor's global coverage pinpoints risky companies in Italy, and now is the time to act before another falls into corporate failure.

Monitronics International, Inc.
High Risk Report

One of the financially weakest names in the Security Systems service industry, we sound the alarm on U.S.-based Monitronics International, Inc. in this High Risk Report.

Navios Maritime Holdings
Blog Post

With concerns surrounding China’s economy and the sharp decline in the Baltic Dry Index, risk professionals should be vigilant in monitoring the changing conditions in the shipping industry. 

PAYCE® Score
Blog Post

As part of our look back at the year that was in 2018, the arrival of the PAYCE® score changed the way our subscribers monitored private company financial risk.

Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC
Blog Post

Based on Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC’s bottom-rung FRISK® score of “1,” trade creditors must perform deep financial analysis and take extra care when dealing with the company.

Akorn, Inc.
High Risk Report

Chicago-based pharmaceutical leader Akorn, Inc. has seen its FRISK® score freefall down from a "9" to a "1" in a year's time.

Federal Reserve
Blog Post

The Federal Reserve recently voiced concerns about excessive corporate financial leverage - and risk management departments need to take heed.

Scientific Games
Blog Post

Scientific Games' high leverage, elevated investment needs, cyclical business risk and recent penchant for extending credit to customers are all issues which necessitate a more sophisticated level of monitoring.

Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.
High Risk Report

A steep decline in working capital and a skyrocketing total debt-to-EBITDA fuels our suspicion that Ferrellgas Partners, L.P. might be heading towards bankruptcy in the coming year.

Year In Review: Energy Sector
Blog Post

Volatile commodity prices and rising interest rates were a challenge for operators in the energy sector in 2018, and things looks to be even more dangerous in the years to come. 

The FRISK® Score Cooks Up a Warning in the Restaurant Space
Blog Post

A look at our FRISK® Stress Index shows that there are more than 30 large-scale public companies within the restaurant industry at heightened risk of bankruptcy in 2019.