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Oil & Gas: Hornbeck Offshore’s FRISK® Score Reveals Refinancing Risk
Blog Post

The offshore oil and gas market remains widely depressed. Troubled outfit Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. has fallen to a FRISK® score of “1,” which indicates severe financial distress.

Brexit Uncertainty and its Adverse Impact on U.K. Companies
Blog Post

Brexit uncertainty has broadly reduced business confidence in the U.K. and future operating performance may be affected, regardless of which way the final Brexit decision goes.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Risk Evaluation for Public and Private Companies
Blog Post

More than a decade after the Great Recession, the reality remains that as patterns of credit cycles are historically predictable, you can't ever let your guard down as a financial risk assessor.

The Undisputed, Nearly Undefeated Champion Predictor of Financial Risk
Blog Post

When the FRISK® score becomes your go-to metric for financial risk analysis, incredibly accurate (read: good) adjustments follow.

Risk Management Best Practices: Use the FRISK® Score Independently
Blog Post

While risk analysis professionals may be tempted to use the statistical FRISK® score as a component within a different model, such as one that is rules-based, doing so may generate suboptimal results.


CreditRiskMonitor's subscriber crowdsourcing creates a "virtual credit group," providing unique insights driven by risk professionals.

Legacy Reserves Inc.
High Risk Report

Looking at recent financials and our FRISK® score, we're hardly gushing over oil and gas operator Legacy Reserves Inc.


Global debt is higher than it's ever been, driven by historically low interest rates. Make sure you have a way to monitor financial risk in public companies - if you aren't proactive, you may be facing trouble.

Quorum Health Corporation
High Risk Report

It's unhealthy to think public company bankruptcy risk is a myth -- we show you why in this High Risk Report focusing on Quorum Health Corporation.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

A dark and dirty descent into bankruptcy was the story of Cloud Peak Energy Inc., as America's coal industry continues to hover in a volatile space.

TTM Technologies, Inc.
Customer Story

TTM Technologies, Inc.'s Director of Credit Kyle Midgal shares trade with CreditRiskMonitor. The benefits in doing so have been extraordinary for his business.

CreditRiskMonitor Announces 1Q Results
Press Release

CreditRiskMonitor reported that for the three months ended Mar. 31, 2019, revenues increased by 4% to $3.50 million, compared to $3.37 million in last year’s first quarter.