Year In Review: Bankruptcies
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CreditRiskMonitor takes a look back at the biggest bankruptcies of 2018 and the advanced Intel we provided our subscribers about companies before their Chapter 11 filings, headlined by the Sears Holdings Corporation.

Argentinean Currency
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Argentina is using extraordinary measures to keep its economy afloat. As the peso declines, businesses that are heavily reliant on debt financing could be in trouble if problems persist.

Procurement Across the Continents: South America
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Risk of financial failure in South America is higher than it was during the Great Recession a decade ago. We scouted more than 1,500 public companies to find the riskiest public companies on the continent.

The FRISK® Score Predicts Scorecard

A recent study of the last two completed calendar years showed that CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a 97.9% rate of success.

Year In Review: High Risk Reports
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Credit professionals relied upon CreditRiskMonitor’s High Risk Reports to stay several steps ahead of failure, as 2017 was full of high-profile bankruptcy cases in the corporate world which were well-known to subscribers before they hit.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

Multi-billion dollar utility GenOn Energy Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring on June 14, 2017. This outcome primarily resulted from GenOn's excessive debt load and persistent weakness in natural gas prices.

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Corporate borrowing costs have been rising, with the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) recently reaching its highest level since the financial crisis. The U.S. Federal Reserve, meanwhile, has shifted toward increasing rates and is strongly hinting that there are more hikes to come.

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Supplier scorecarding and vendor audits are a critical piece of managing supplier risk at Duke Energy, a global utility with $25 billion in sales and over 30K employees.

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