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CreditRiskMonitor automates the monitoring of financial stress in public and private companies and leverages the knowledge of the crowd to make sure that busy professionals get a "tap on the shoulder" when it is time to act.

Tesla, Inc.
Media Coverage's Alicia Buller interviewed CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum about the rising credit risk concern in automaker Tesla, Inc.

Tesla, Inc.
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Tesla is calling upon suppliers to negotiate new prices and payment terms to improve cash flow. CreditRiskMonitor explores with Supply Chain Dive the consequences of Tesla's increased demands upon suppliers.

Monster Beverage Corporation
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We take a look at two companies occupying different spaces within the overall beverage industry – Reed's, Inc. and Monster Beverage Corporation – to see how they compare on financial risk.

Yingli Green Energy
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Solar panel demand in China is estimated to fall by approximately one-third in 2018, weakening the profitability of manufacturers and putting distressed operators like Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited in greater peril.

Assessing Contraction Risk: The Transportation-Manufacturing Industry
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A contraction in credit is not something that might occur: It will happen at some point. Risk professionals dealing with the transportation and manufacturing industries are better off preparing now, while economic conditions are still strong.

Harley-Davidson logo
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CreditRiskMonitor weighs in upon high-debt Harley-Davidson, Inc.'s potential troubles in the event of a trade war in this July 2018 article from RetailDive's Shefali Kapadia.

RCR Wireless News
Media Coverage

Journalist Kelly Hill of RCR Wireless, provider of wireless and mobile industry news, cites CreditRiskMonitor's Radisys Corporation High Risk Report in her coverage of India-based Reliance Industries' July 2018 purchase of struggling Radisys.

Argentinean Currency
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Argentina is using extraordinary measures to keep its economy afloat. As the peso declines, businesses that are heavily reliant on debt financing could be in trouble if problems persist.

Jun 20, 2018

Our very own Dr. Camilo Gomez, CreditRiskMonitor Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research, spoke about the value that predictive analytics is providing to procurement professionals in this webinar.

Steel Industry
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In the steel industry, major players AK Steel Holding Corporation and Steel Dynamics, Inc. are two examples of public companies with markedly different financial situations in 2018.

Rex Energy Corporation
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Rex Energy's Bankruptcy Case Study showcases the factors that eventually led this company to file for Chapter 11.


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