Supply Chain Financial Risk: 7 Key Learnings from the Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy
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Supply chains have been disrupted globally as a result of the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy. Here’s what supply chain executives can learn from it.

Financial distress in the global container shipping industry
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With mounting losses and lower freight rates, and the world's 7th largest container shipping company filing for receivership, what’s the credit risk outlook for the industry?

Three best times to detect growing supply chain bankruptcy risk
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Deteriorating vendor financial health should come as no surprise. Here are three times to think about a supplier’s financial risk, to avoid being blindsided.

5 strategies that credit can use to help procurement to detect supply chain financial risk
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How does financial risk affect your supply chain, and how can you manage it better? Here are 5 hands-on strategies to consider, from supply chain expert Michael Forbes.

Supply chain strategies to mitigate financial risk
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Supplier insolvency and supply chain disruption happen. But you can limit the damages if you anticipate supplier financial risk and take a strategic approach to building a resilient supply chain. 

Procurement and Credit/finance team working together to reduce supply chain risk
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Supplier financial distress is responsible for countless disruptions each year. Discover how finance and procurement can partner to manage this risk.

According to a leading global supply chain consulting firm, "25% of supply chains have been disrupted from financial risk ... but  only 22% of businesses maintain even basic financial records on their suppliers."
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Supplier financial failure affects 25% of businesses each year. Proactively monitor your suppliers to predict and manage supply chain financial risks. 

worsening credit risk, corporate default and bankruptcy trends
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Are you prepared for increased credit risk? Learn what 2016 trends are telling us, and use these 5 strategies to get ahead.


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