Jun 17, 2020
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Proactive defensive measures taken and frequent credit monitoring are essential in an age where too many trade creditors are left with pennies on the dollar for their investments.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Risk Evaluation for Public and Private Companies
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More than a decade after the Great Recession, the reality remains that as patterns of credit cycles are historically predictable, you can't ever let your guard down as a financial risk assessor.

Pharmaceutical Risk
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Two major U.S. pharmaceutical companies possess heightened bankruptcy risk largely due to lawsuits stemming from the opioid crisis. Our models are reflexive enough to give the most accurate forward-looking reads on financial risk when calamities strike.

Trade Contributor Program
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The CreditRiskMonitor Trade Contributor Program's many benefits make it one of the most exciting and effective offerings to our subscriber base in determining risk.

PAYCE® Score
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As part of our look back at the year that was in 2018, the arrival of the PAYCE® score changed the way our subscribers monitored private company financial risk.

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Thousands of private companies go bankrupt every year. It’s important to identify those risky companies before they file, particularly if they are your largest customers or suppliers.

Press Release
Press Release

CreditRiskMonitor today announced a new licensing agreement with Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC, a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO) and a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.

Public vs. Private Companies
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Public and private companies need to be proactively evaluated in distinct, different ways by risk management professionals - fortunately, with the FRISK® score and PAYCE® score, CreditRiskMonitor has world-class solutions for both subportfolios.

PAYCE™ score White Paper

Read this in-depth white paper to learn more about CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary PAYCE® score, how it works and why it's accurate for private company risk analysis.

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CreditRiskMonitor automates the monitoring of financial stress in public and private companies and leverages the knowledge of the crowd to make sure that busy professionals get a "tap on the shoulder" when it is time to act.

PAYCE™ score
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The PAYCE® score allows CreditRiskMonitor subscribers to stay at the front of cutting-edge technology to keep ahead of risk from private companies in their portfolios.

Fundamental Service

Our highly influential subscribers use our fundamental service to help them make decisions affecting billions of dollars of purchase and sale transactions every month.


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