CPI Card Group, Inc.
High Risk Report

CPI Card Group, Inc. has seen it's FRISK® score flatline for 12 consecutive months as persistent negative net worth suggests loanable collateral has been exhausted.

The FRISK® Score Predicts Scorecard

A recent study of the last two completed calendar years showed that CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a 97.9% rate of success.

10/9/17 12:00 pm EDT

CreditRiskMonitor CEO Jerry Flum answers your follow-up questions from our recent "Dr. Altman on the Mammoth Debt Problem" webinar.

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A healthy supply chain is key to a sustainable, thriving business model, putting immense pressure on the procurement professional as the first line of defense. 

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Global solar panel prices appear to be stabilizing after falling off a cliff in 2016. This respite is a welcome relief for solar manufacturers around the world.

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