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Drilling Deep into Bankruptcy Risk in Oil and Gas for 2019
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If you work in the volatile oil and gas industry, not a single day should go by where you do not have a read on corporate credit risk. It could save your company millions in the long run.

Weatherford International plc Bankruptcy Case Study
Bankruptcy Case Studies

Risk professionals who did not heed CreditRiskMonitor and strikingly low daily FRISK® scores for Weatherford International plc are now facing a grim prospect of collecting a fraction of monies owed.

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CreditRiskMonitor’s assessment of the U.S./Canadian E&P industry reveals that about two-thirds of operators are financially distressed and have higher-than-average risk of bankruptcy.

Credit Professionals Should Prepare For Record Losses Tied to U.S. Public Corporations
Blog Post

CreditRiskMonitor currently estimates that financial losses stemming from U.S. public company bankruptcies alone will be in excess of $1.1 trillion, a greater figure than what was lost during the Great Recession.

Global Debt Crisis Spirals to New Highs with Record Setting Negative Yields
Blog Post

The global economy appears to have deteriorated in a significant way during 2019 given the trends in negative yielding debt. 

Pioneer Energy Services Corporation
High Risk Report

San Antonio-based Pioneer Energy Services Corporation's swelling debt and decline in working capital present heightened bankruptcy risk.

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
High Risk Report

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd., an oil & gas giant based in the Canadian Rockies, is battling mountainous debt obligations and interest payments.

Oil & Gas: Hornbeck Offshore’s FRISK® Score Reveals Refinancing Risk
Blog Post

The offshore oil and gas market remains widely depressed. Troubled outfit Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. has fallen to a FRISK® score of “1,” which indicates severe financial distress.

The Undisputed, Nearly Undefeated Champion Predictor of Financial Risk
Blog Post

When the FRISK® score becomes your go-to metric for financial risk analysis, incredibly accurate (read: good) adjustments follow.

Legacy Reserves Inc.
High Risk Report

Looking at recent financials and our FRISK® score, we're hardly gushing over oil and gas operator Legacy Reserves Inc.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

A dark and dirty descent into bankruptcy was the story of Cloud Peak Energy Inc., as America's coal industry continues to hover in a volatile space.


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