FRISK® Score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies

Over the last two completed calendar years, CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a near 98% rate of success.

Harley-Davidson logo
Media Coverage

CreditRiskMonitor weighs in upon high-debt Harley-Davidson, Inc.'s potential troubles in the event of a trade war in this July 2018 article from RetailDive's Shefali Kapadia.

Remington Outdoor Company
Blog Post

Firearm industry leader Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. is on the path of steep decline and bankruptcy after nearly 200 years of operation. Our newer private company solutions were able to identify elevated risk quickly in Remington's case.

The FRISK® Score Predicts Scorecard

A recent study of the last two completed calendar years showed that CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a 97.9% rate of success.

Custom Trade Data reports with credit risk insights
Blog Post

Are you taking advantage of the insight your own data can offer? Learn how the Trade Contributor Program saves you time and drills into credit risk, absolutely free.

Crowdsourced Credit Risk Score: The Credit Manager’s Secret Weapon
Blog Post

Learn how activity signals from your fellow credit managers ups the FRISK® score’s accuracy of predicting business failure — right when you need it.

One Way Credit Portfolios Can Get Blindsided: The Wrong Credit Score Metric
Blog Post

Are you looking at the right factors to predict public company financial distress? A payment-based credit score may be putting your credit decisions at risk.

 Credit Risk Lessons from the Performance Sports Bankruptcy
Blog Post
When big companies fail, it can cause a chain reaction that impacts many others. How will the next retail bankruptcy impact your counterparty risk?
Lesson From A Takata Bankruptcy: Monitor Supplier Financial Risks
Blog Post

The best way to get ahead of supplier financial risk, is to actively monitor your supply chain.

Bankruptcy Case Studies

Performance Sports Group Ltd. filed for bankruptcy on October 31, 2016. The company is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of performance sports equipment, as well as related apparel and accessories. 

Online Holiday Shopping
Blog Post
Direct-to-consumer online sales have accelerated bankruptcy risk for some retailers, particularly ones that have been slow to shut down underperforming brick and mortar stores. The FRISK® score highlights who to watch closely through the most important retail period of the year, the holiday season.
What November 2016 Economic News Means for Credit Risk: Like Black Ice in Winter
Blog Post

Economic news since the election contains a few bright spots, and fresh concerns. Like black ice, some financial risks are more difficult to see.


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