Brexit Uncertainty and its Adverse Impact on U.K. Companies
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Brexit uncertainty has broadly reduced business confidence in the U.K. and future operating performance may be affected, regardless of which way the final Brexit decision goes.

Hexion: FRISK® score Succeeds Where Trade Payment Data Fails
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Although the story can be significantly different for every single public company that finds itself faced with bankruptcy, there's one familiar trend: payment data repeatedly misses the risk.

Hexion Inc.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

High-profile Hexion Inc. has met bankruptcy after years of racking up debt while paying their bills on time to avoid backlash from creditors.

FRISK® Score Predicts Recent Bankruptcies

Over the last two completed calendar years, CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a near 98% rate of success.

The Italian Recession
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CreditRiskMonitor's global coverage pinpoints risky companies in Italy, and now is the time to act before another falls into corporate failure.

Hexion, Inc. High Risk Report
High Risk Report

Ohio-based chemical giant Hexion, Inc. has seen it's FRISK® score stay sunk at a bottom-dwelling "1" for more than two years, indicating tremendous potential bankruptcy risk.

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A contraction in credit is not something that might occur: It will happen at some point. Risk professionals dealing with the chemical manufacturing industry are better off preparing now, while economic conditions are still strong.

Fertilizer Industry Highlights Risk in China and India
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When something stinks with public companies, we know best. The fertilizer market in both China and India are both rife with odious companies at heightened risk of bankruptcy.

Steel Industry
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In the steel industry, major players AK Steel Holding Corporation and Steel Dynamics, Inc. are two examples of public companies with markedly different financial situations in 2018.

The FRISK® Score Predicts Scorecard

A recent study of the last two completed calendar years showed that CreditRiskMonitor's FRISK® score was able to predict U.S. public company bankruptcy at a 97.9% rate of success.

Paperweight Development Corp.
Bankruptcy Case Studies

North American-based Paperweight Development Corp., a manufacturer of coated paper products, showed net losses in each of it's last five quarters and also a sharp decline in working capital on the eve of it's bankruptcy in October 2017.

S&P Downgrades China
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Three multi-billion dollar Chinese companies - Yingli, MIE and Ji Lin - each have a highly leveraged capital structure and, if not addressed, could find themselves on the path of corporate failure.


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