Adeptus Health Inc. Bankruptcy

Adeptus Health recently filed for bankruptcy and creditors may have missed the early warning signs. Adeptus Health's FRISK® score, however, caught the trouble as it signaled increasing financial risk over the last twelve months. Even more concerning, there are several other operators in this space currently receiving a similar high-risk assessment.

This bankruptcy case study shows what risk professionals should look for in order to avoid a restructuring like this one. For example, credit professionals often rely on the Z-score to gauge corporate financial health, but the Z-score actually suggested Adeptus Health was performing quite well. Additionally, CreditRiskMonitor's news alert service helped risk professionals stay ahead of developing risk at Adeptus Health so they could make important decisions quickly and effectively.

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About Bankruptcy Case Studies

CreditRiskMonitor bankruptcy case studies provide a post-filing analysis of typical bankruptcy filings by public companies.

In nearly every case, a low Altman Z'' score gave our subscribers very early warning that trouble was brewing, usually more than a year in advance.

Most companies also showed continuing decline in the content of the news alerts that we sent to our subscribers (resignations, asset sales, "going concern" opinions, late SEC filings, etc.), and from the deterioration of their financial results. Typically, a sharp decline in CreditRiskMonitor's proprietary FRISK® score to a very risky rating of 4 or below occurred 3-9 months before the company filed for bankruptcy protection.

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