19 Red Flags That Reveal Energy Company Financial Distress

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Don't be caught by surprise

With bankruptcy rates soaring, doing business within the energy sector is riskier than ever before.

Luckily, there's a clear pattern of warning signs that can help you to spot distress, and take steps to mitigate your risk exposure before it's too late.

When you download the checklist 19 Red Flags That Reveal Energy Company Financial Distress, you'll learn:   

  • Eight clear signals in financial statements and SEC filings that commonly occur in the months before bankruptcy
  • Eleven often overlooked but easy-to-track market factors and financial risk indicators that signal growing distress
  • Three false signals, that are either too early, too late, or too unreliable to be useful

Public risk exposure is easy to underestimate, and your portfolio might be more vulnerable than you think.

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