The FRISK® Stress Index

Benchmark risky companies by industry or country over time

Public company risk is rising fast

Global debt is higher than it’s ever been, driven by historically low interest rates. Risky industries like retail, oil and gas, and printing and publishing make headlines daily — and are even riskier now than they were at the start of the Great Recession.

In fact, more companies are likely to fail in in the 12 months of 2018 than when the Great Recession first began in late 2007.

Stay on top of this risk with the FRISK® Stress Index.

A fast, powerful way to compare risk trends

The FRISK® Stress Index compares the probability of failure of groups of companies (such as an industry, a country or your own portfolio) from 2007 to today. It:

  • Provides an immediate snapshot of the overall financial stress of a group of companies, and compares it to the start of the Great Recession
  • Highlights risk in major industries and countries around the world
  • Shows financial stress trends and levels from 2007 to today, and:
  • Provides a reliable, fact-based assessment of financial risk, updated daily


The index is based on the same underlying methodology as our 96% accurate proprietary FRISK® score, which is calculated using crowdsourcing, current financial statements, stock market volatility, market capitalization and when available, bond agency ratings from Moody’s and Fitch.

The index averages FRISK® scores over time and is shown on a scale of 1-50. 1 means a 1% chance of business failure within 12 months. 50 means a 50% chance. (1-2% is a typical rate.)

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