Financial Statement Sourcing Trial Report

For a limited time, we are offering a free private company report.


Financial Statement Sourcing is CreditRiskMonitor’s new service that offers companies flexible options to help ease the data entry and standardization of a private company’s financial statements. We deliver highly accurate risk analytics and provide monitoring of companies in your portfolio. We also offer tools to more easily compare private company risk. Above all, the financial statements you submit are kept 100% confidential – we will not disclose our analysis to anyone else but you.

Financial Statement Sourcing will allow you to spend more of your time assessing and managing risks, rather than working through the mechanics of data preparation and analysis.

Our products compete with other high-profile companies in the commercial credit reporting arena. The advantages of CreditRiskMonitor's Financial Statement Sourcing include:

  • Low pricing: the service cost is among the most affordable in the industry

  • High accuracy: using both financial and payment data

  • Excellent timing: turnaround from submission to final delivery is prompt

At CreditRiskMonitor, we know that combining multiple types of information in an analysis enables better insights. We provide different methods, including but not limited to: the Altman Z''-score, peer and trend analysis, as well as our proprietary FRISK® SCORE. Plus, we collect payment experiences, public records and other information. Payment behavioral data is a particularly valuable resource, proven to be highly predictive of financial risk for private companies.

For both credit and procurement professionals, identifying financial distress and bankruptcy risk in the key private companies you work with is essential. It will provide you with a much needed edge in today’s business environment. For example, a worst-case scenario might involve the unexpected failure of one of your largest private company customers, or perhaps a strategic supplier. This new service will help you stay ahead of that risk.

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