Financial Statement Sourcing

Helping professionals streamline their financial risk analysis on private companies

When dealing with private company financial risk analysis, professionals can face:

- A time-consuming, operational process

- Difficulties with making sense of non-standardized financial statements

- Relying on a simpler but far less accurate score

- Manually integrating non-financial data into the analysis

We know keeping track of and analyzing private companies can be a long and arduous effort, consuming a lot of your valuable time.

CreditRiskMonitor provides flexible options to help ease your process in the collection, data entry and standardization of a private company’s financial statements. We then calculate and deliver our FRISK® score in comprehensive reports that includes other information such as the Altman Z” score, agency ratings, financial ratios, public records, payment behavior, trends and peer analyses.

Whether you prefer to gather the information and have us prepare the reports, or if you prefer to have us handle the whole process, you’ll receive the following benefits:


With Financial Statement Sourcing, you’ll have instant access to valuable insights from our highly accurate FRISK® score and robust credit analysis on your private company portfolio.


Financial Statement Sourcing includes additional features of the fundamental service such as timely news alerts, the Altman Z" score, agency ratings, financial ratios, public records, payment behavior and trends.


We’ll have batches of statements back to you in a timely manner. All information will be checked to ensure accuracy.


With our exceptional team at your disposal, you’ll have the option to no longer have to worry about which companies to follow up with, whether or not statements need to be standardized, and most importantly, if you might be missing a potential risk in your private company portfolio.