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How to Judge Bankruptcy Model Prediction Accuracy When Comparing Corporate Credit Tools

When it comes to comparing third party credit decision tools, we’re happy to stand on our record. See how our predictive risk scoring model measures up.

Learn how adding crowdsourced data to the Frisk® score model helps you to do a better job of predicting business bankruptcy.

The creator of the FRISK® score explains how crowdsourcing helps you to mitigate bankruptcy risk even sooner.

Credit Research Foundation Forum and Expo in Chicago August 2016

The CRF Forum agenda always provides fresh insight into the priorities of today’s credit professional. Here are six important topics that are on our radar.

debt is up, credit executives need to brace for financial risk and credit risks ahead

Debt is at record levels, and managing risk in today’s financial environment is no easy task. Here are six strategies to help credit executives detect growing credit risk.

Financial warning signals of business bankruptcy: declining debt ratings, financial statements in the red, falling market cap, and more

What can Wave Systems Corp. teach us about predicting public company bankruptcy? Lessons learned from the financial events leading up to a typical business failure. 

5 strategies that credit can use to help procurement to detect supply chain financial risk

How does financial risk affect your supply chain, and how can you manage it better? Here are 5 hands-on strategies to consider, from supply chain expert Michael Forbes.

Supply chain strategies to mitigate financial risk

Supplier insolvency and supply chain disruption happen. But you can limit the damages if you anticipate supplier financial risk and take a strategic approach to building a resilient supply chain. 

Procurement and Credit/finance team working together to reduce supply chain risk

Supplier financial distress is responsible for countless disruptions each year. Discover how finance and procurement can partner to manage this risk.

According to a leading global supply chain consulting firm, "25% of supply chains have been disrupted from financial risk ... but  only 22% of businesses maintain even basic financial records on their suppliers."

Supplier financial failure affects 25% of businesses each year. Proactively monitor your suppliers to predict and manage supply chain financial risks. 

Today's "Brexit" announcement was a surprise to many of us, and speaking for myself, it will take a while for the reality of the UK leaving the EU to sink in. 

worsening credit risk, corporate default and bankruptcy trends

Are you prepared for increased credit risk? Learn what 2016 trends are telling us, and use these 5 strategies to get ahead.

There’s global financial trouble on the horizon. Get the highlights from our Mid-2016 Credit Risk Report so you can manage the risk ahead.

There’s global financial trouble on the horizon. Get the highlights from our Mid-2016 Credit Risk Report so you can manage the risk ahead.