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A strong partnership between credit and sales management, working together, can drive sales growth

When credit and sales work together, it can pay big dividends. Here are 7 ways credit can build a strong partnership with sales.

The Fed sees signs of economic strength, and is now more likely to raise interest rates, says Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in August of 2016

Are you ready for the next Fed rate hike? Here's how an increase in interest rates could impact your credit portfolio, and suggestions on how to stay ahead of risk.

CFO survey results, big data needs: how to transform financial data into meaningful insights

You need to take vast amounts of financial data and use it to manage risk. Here are three ways to transform "big data" into meaningful insights.

Financial distress in the global container shipping industry

With mounting losses and lower freight rates, and the world's 7th largest container shipping company filing for receivership, what’s the credit risk outlook for the industry?

credit risk for a select group of apparel industry retailers is 4 times the industry average

Where is credit risk most severe in the apparel retailing industry? Learn which group of 16 "at-risk" brick-and-mortar apparel retailers have nearly 4x the risk of the category average.

The financial risk for internet retailers, compared to traditional, more physical retailing

Despite an industry shift to online retailing, financial risk varies widely by company. Some physical retailers are healthy, while some online retailers aren’t.

Financial stress and bankruptcy risk in the US retail industry 2016

Which retailers are at risk of failure, and which are financially sound? Here’s a snapshot of financial risk in the retailing world

Three best times to detect growing supply chain bankruptcy risk

Deteriorating vendor financial health should come as no surprise. Here are three times to think about a supplier’s financial risk, to avoid being blindsided.

latest research on corporate credit risk bankruptcy forecasting

What if you could tap the collective wisdom of high performing credit experts the next time you have a high stakes credit decision?  With crowdsourcing, now you can.

How to Judge Bankruptcy Model Prediction Accuracy When Comparing Corporate Credit Tools

When it comes to comparing third party credit decision tools, we’re happy to stand on our record. See how our predictive risk scoring model measures up.

Learn how adding crowdsourced data to the Frisk® score model helps you to do a better job of predicting business bankruptcy.

The creator of the FRISK® score explains how crowdsourcing helps you to mitigate bankruptcy risk even sooner.

Credit Research Foundation Forum and Expo in Chicago August 2016

The CRF Forum agenda always provides fresh insight into the priorities of today’s credit professional. Here are six important topics that are on our radar.