Unlock the Secrets of Your Trade Data to Identify Your Biggest Dollar Risks

Custom Trade Data reports with credit risk insights

Are you realizing the potential within your own trade data to help you make better credit decisions and manage risk? Typically, it’s one of a company’s largest assets -- if not the largest. Are you taking advantage of the insight your own data can offer?

The CreditRiskMonitor Trade Contributor Program provides a way to see risk at a glance, segmented by our FRISK® financial risk score. When you contribute your trade files to the program, you receive customized reports on your dollar risk exposure based on our analysis of your trade data. (You don’t even have to be a CreditRiskMonitor subscriber to participate -- we’ll provide you basic analysis for free.)

Understand Your Exposure

The Trade Contributor Program helps credit professionals proactively identify and manage risk. CFOs, controllers, and treasurers also benefit from having clear insight into how exposed your company is at any time. Here’s how it works.

By combining your accounts receivable data with our financial risk data and analytics, you get insight and visibility into your biggest dollar risks. Customized reports rank your accounts receivable by FRISK® score, so you can gain valuable insights, including:

  • Your total dollar risk exposure segmented by FRISK® financial stress ratings
  • Which accounts risk going delinquent
  • Current payment performance
  • When your credit-to-cash forecast is at risk

The Hidden Payer report, reveals your hidden slow payers—those customers who pay you on time while paying others slowly—based on the payment experiences of others. The Receivables Snapshot, Receivables at Risk report, and others help you to monitor your risk and be proactive rather than reactive.

Customizable reports provide unique insights that help to manage credit risk and prioritize collections.

A Case Study: Sysco

Sysco Corporation is one of the many CreditRiskMonitor customers that shares its trade payment receivables files with the Trade Contributor Program. Robin Walters, Manager of Corporate Credit Risk, and her team benefit from a unified view into data from more than 70 different systems.

“I love the trade program and I use the hidden payer profile all the time,” Walters says. “I like the views because we are so decentralized. I love that all my data is identified. I like to see my data and how we compare. We might have an operating company that asks to see if we do business with someone and we can check. It’s very helpful.”

Without the Trade Contributor reports, Walters' credit risk team doesn’t have a single view of transaction data across the organization. Trade Contributor reports give them new insight into the risks and opportunities across their customer payment files, presenting a dashboard view of their accounts organized by risk.

Trade in Action at Bridgestone

Bridgestone Aircraft Tire, USA, another trade contributor, appreciates the flexibility of Trade Contributor reports. Not only can they highlight their overall risk exposure and payment risk, they can also segment accounts by dollar risk and aging, and see risk by specific customers.

"The Trade Contributor Reports give me lots of ways to analyze my accounts, helping me to manage my receivables. These reports help me react, and will help me to be more proactive at targeting those slow and potentially slow customers," says Martha Ramkissoon, Credit/Collection Analyst at Bridgestone.

Add Your Data and Start Getting Insight

The combination of your account data and our powerful analytics saves you time and delivers valuable insight. Even if you’re not yet a CreditRiskMonitor subscriber, you get free reporting and risk analysis of your own data, simply by participating in the Trade Contributor Program.

The combination of your trade data and CreditRiskMonitor trade reports is unstoppable. Drill into your credit risk exposure, absolutely free. What are you waiting for?

Discover the hidden risks and opportunities within your portfolio.

Get a demo of the Trade Contributor Program today, and see what you’ve been missing

About CreditRiskMonitor

CreditRiskMonitor is a financial news and analysis service designed to help professionals stay ahead of public company risk quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. More than 35% of the Fortune 1000, plus thousands more worldwide, rely on our commercial credit reporting and predictive risk analytics for assessing the financial stability of more than 56,000 global public companies.

At the core of CreditRiskMonitor’s service is its 96%-accurate FRISK® score, which is formulated to predict public company bankruptcy risk. One of four key components calculated in the FRISK® score is crowdsourced subscriber activity. This unique system tracks subscribers' patterns of research activity, capturing and aggregating the real-time concerns of what are essentially the key gatekeepers of corporate credit. Other features of CreditRiskMonitor’s service include timely news alerts, the Altman Z”-Score, agency ratings, financial ratios and trends. CreditRiskMonitor’s network of trade contributors provides more than $150 billion in trade data on their counterparties every month, giving them visibility into their biggest dollar risks.