Credit Risk Analysis Tools That Can Save Your Bacon (and Boost Performance)

A Valuable Credit Risk Analysis Tool for the Overworked and Resource-Strapped Credit Manager:  The Trade Contributor Program

We’re all drowning in financial data – news, financial reports, analysis and ratios. And with bankruptcies rising, credit portfolios are more vulnerable than ever.

In a world of increased risk and vast information, working smarter is a business imperative. Yet with so much information at our fingertips, it can be hard to know where to focus our efforts – and resources.

Fortunately, there’s great value in your receivables data, just waiting to be uncovered. The right tools can unlock powerful insights from your A/R data, make you more efficient, and boost performance.

The Critical Role That Trade Files Can Play in Managing Portfolio Risk

Every day, resource-strapped credit departments must answer a challenging set of questions: 

  • Are global risks having a direct impact on specific customers, suppliers or business partners?
  • Which customers pose the greatest dollar risk? Where is risk concentrated in my credit portfolio?
  • What new information requires my attention, to keep risk properly calibrated?

Your own trade data holds the answers to all of these questions. By contributing your trade files to the CreditRiskMonitor Trade Contributor Program, sophisticated technology can help you gain actionable insights, and boost your efficiency in the process.

Yes Virginia… There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch!

By combining our powerful analytics with your trade files, you’ll gain instant insight into your biggest credit risks.

  • Rank all your accounts by risk level – segmented by high, medium and low dollar risk – to see your biggest dollar risks
  • Learn how you’re being paid compared to other businesses, and find the “hidden slow payers” that signal potential trouble
  • Consolidate your data across business units and divisions to see a unified view of your risk
  • Generate informative risk reports and analysis, such as your top customers by total owed, past due, highest risk, and predicted future payment behavior by customer.
  • See how your portfolio risk level is changing, with a graphic view of your overall risk trend over time.

With access to this powerful set of reports, you’ll learn exactly where your dollar risk exposure lies. And once you identify the small subset of companies that pose the greatest dollar risk, you can work smarter and leverage your efforts.

Unlocking The Value In Your A/R Data: Subscriber Vs. Non-Subscriber Access

By contributing trade files, you’ll receive invaluable insight, reporting and risk analysis ... at no charge. You don’t have to subscribe to CreditRiskMonitor to benefit.

Why do we offer this service for free? It’s simple, really. The more credit professionals who participate, the greater the database we can all benefit from. Growing the database helps our entire credit community.

CreditRiskMonitor subscribers have additional access: to the FRISK® proprietary risk score, much more detailed financial information, portfolio risk monitoring, and other risk management features that enables you to drill down more deeply into company risk.

When Time is Money, Insight Matters

Managing risk is complex, but this program makes it easier. As Glenn Lifieri, Head of Global Credit Management at Lonza says:

“By sending my trade files to CreditRiskMonitor, I am able to get a much better picture of how our customers are performing… Excellent information that is right at our fingertips without us having to spend hours of analysis to obtain!”

Is “working smarter” on your to-do list? Get in touch, to learn how your business could benefit.

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About CreditRiskMonitor

CreditRiskMonitor is a financial news and analysis service designed to help professionals stay ahead of public company risk quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. More than 35% of the Fortune 1000, plus thousands more worldwide, rely on our commercial credit reporting and predictive risk analytics for assessing the financial stability of more than 56,000 global public companies.

At the core of CreditRiskMonitor’s service is its 96%-accurate FRISK® score, which is formulated to predict public company bankruptcy risk. One of four key components calculated in the FRISK® score is crowdsourced subscriber activity. This unique system tracks subscribers' patterns of research activity, capturing and aggregating the real-time concerns of what are essentially the key gatekeepers of corporate credit. Other features of CreditRiskMonitor’s service include timely news alerts, the Altman Z”-Score, agency ratings, financial ratios and trends. CreditRiskMonitor’s network of trade contributors provides more than $150 billion in trade data on their counterparties every month, giving them visibility into their biggest dollar risks.