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The right way to stay ahead of public company risk — quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

CreditRiskMonitor (OTCQX:CRMZ) is a financial risk analysis and news service for credit, supply chain and financial professionals, focused on public companies. Leading companies around the world, including more than 35% of the Fortune 1000, rely on us to help them stay ahead of financial risk.

We are located in Rockland County, NY and employ a team of 85 professionals, more than half in data quality and customer service. Meet our leadership team.

The CreditRiskMonitor service provides comprehensive commercial credit reports, financial risk analysis, news and predictive analytics, covering more than 57,000 public companies globally. Our timely news alerts and reports feature detailed financial statements, key ratios, peer comparisons, bond agency ratings (from S&P, Moody's and Fitch) and our proprietary FRISK® score, proven 96% accurate in predicting financial stress, including bankruptcy.

Whether you're granting credit, vetting strategic suppliers or protecting your overall business from risk, our goal is to make your important risk decisions faster, easier and more effective. 


Our Vision

We focus on public company risk because it’s enormous.

For perspective, public companies account for about $62.2 Trillion in annual revenue. Overall world GDP is $77.8 Trillion.

The risk is also underestimated. Our credit customers are surprised to find that they have an average of 53% of their overall dollar risk exposure with public companies, and the risk in supply chains is equally large.

One size-fits-all credit tools aren’t enough to protect you from public company risk surprises. Most commercial credit services emphasize trade payment data to predict risk. That works for private companies, but it’s misleading for public company risk.

Why? Payment patterns don’t reveal underlying financial stress for public companies. Public companies typically pay consistently -- right until they file bankruptcy. And, they sometimes pay late simply because they have easy access to capital markets. Payment patterns do not reveal their underlying financial health.

There’s a reason the SEC doesn’t require trade payment data, only certified financial statements. Use the right data for your decisions.

Our process is specifically designed to measure the financial health of public companies, based on financial statements, ratios and stock market movement.  

It works really well. In 2015 and 2016, we successfully predicted 98.6% of U.S. public company bankruptcies in advance.

Are you using the right methods to analyze your risk? 

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Why We're Different

CreditRiskMonitor was created to address the lack of options for credit and supply chain managers who needed easy, cost-effective ways to assess their public company dollar risk exposure. Unlike commercial credit bureaus that cover primarily private companies, we focus on affordable, in-depth financial analysis of publicly traded company risk.

  • Traditional credit reporting bureaus typically focus on private companies and use techniques that aren't predictive of public company risk.
  • The in-depth tools used by institutional investors to analyze public company risk typically are too complex (and costly) for commercial credit analysis.
  • Trying to gather and analyze information manually is tedious and overwhelming. Our research shows it takes 3 hours just to collect, standardize and spread the financial data needed to analyze one public company, without analysis or alerts to changes. Time is money. That's time better spent elsewhere. 

Launched by a Wall Street veteran, CreditRiskMonitor combines the financial news alerts and analysis used by investors with the affordability and time-saving ease of use needed by credit managers and supply chain professionals. Our accurate approach is based on financial data, including financial statement ratios, stock price volatility and market capitalization, along with our proven quantitative scoring model.

We stand by our accuracy. We’ve back-tested our predictive FRISK® score over 10 years and nearly 10,000 companies to prove its 96% accuracy. Ask other providers how accurate their scores are.

Why We're Different
Meet Our Team

CreditRiskMonitor employs 85 team members, most in data quality and customer-facing roles. Meet some of us below, and view our executive team.

  • Chris Chach

    I enjoy helping our subscribers see and manage the risk in their Accounts Receivable. It’s exciting to see how involved the customers become. One helped us design the ‘Hidden Slow Payers’ report and it’s very popular. It’s a great experience to have positive relationships with so many customers.

  • My role is to ensure high data quality for all of our subscribers. It’s a privilege to make sure the information we publish has integrity and credibility.

  • Kellyanne Tavani

    My team and I have one role: To take care of our clients and take care of them well. I will make sure you get great service, every time.

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We offer a suburban NYC location (Rockland County), competitive compensation and benefits.


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