2018 Mid-Year Review

We take a look back at the biggest CreditRiskMonitor news from the first half of 2018 in these handy infographics.

Keeping PAYCE™: For 2018, a new private company bankruptcy risk score.

Having arrived for CreditRiskMonitor subscribers in the Spring of 2018, our brand-new PAYCETM score provides a highly accurate measure of financial stress when no financial statements are available for private companies. It utilizes payment and U.S. federal tax lien data from CreditRiskMonitor’s extensive database, analyzed with sophisticated deep neural network modeling technology, a type of artificial intelligence, to deliver a 70% accurate score on approximately 80,000 private companies.

PAYCE® score

CreditRiskMonitor strives to bring you the most accurate financial risk assessment solutions available today. We utilize innovative technologies such as crowdsourcing, a component of our 96% accurate FRISK® score, as a feature of our public company risk analysis. As mentioned, our deep neural network technology (a type of artificial intelligence) is used to formulate our new private company PAYCETM score.

Public companies behave differently than private ones, and need to be monitored in different ways. Our cutting-edge technology will help you stay ahead of risk from private companies in your portfolio. Learn more about the PAYCETM score by requesting a personalized demo with our CreditRiskMonitor representatives.